The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 7


Host: What that you've cured the most? I've heard that migraine.

Dr. Tran Ky: Migraines are very interesting example indeed because it's about potassium canals which becomes lazy and generate some potassium leaking, thus creating depolarization.

With magnetic waves we provoke a systematic opening and closing of the potassium canals you see.

Host: This point is important because so many people suffer from migraine which they can't cure. So we have to be careful not to get false hope.

Dr. Tran Ky: There are many indeed who suffer from this problem. As an additional treatment, it's very interesting. We compel the potassium canal to work at a very rhythmic phase.

Host: I've also read that it could act on sleep, depression even impotence.

Dr. Tran Ky: Actually yes, impotence is linked to the fact that the penis is covered by a tissue which is composed of elastic fiber arranged in a spiral. Now each spiral with positive and negative forces attracts itself under the stimulation and dilates and expands. You see.

Host: This is another way of looking at sexuality.

Dr. Tran Ky: This is a view from quantum viewpoint.

Host: As far as erection is concerned, you have a quantum explanation?

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely. Even in the brain where there is such a ballet of positive and negative ions. But the brain is another universe.

Host: Well we could speak together for hours and hours. But we need to bring the program to a close. I just want to say that I've seen in shop a wide range of magnetic bracelets, little magnets for this and that.

Now, can we really trust this?

Dr. Tran Ky: This is nothing new you know. It's always been around. These magnetic waves exist if you buy a bracelet made of natural magnet such as ferrite.

Host: Is it too weak?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, it is too weak and pretty useless. But it does have a relaxing effect at most. And it's calming really.

Host: It won't hurt but perhaps it's no use wasting one's money on it.

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely not.

Magnetic Therapy book

Host: But it is a serious enough thing. So if viewers want to know more about it, you've written a book with two colleagues, Pierre Laget and Jean Michel Guilbert, of course with Dr. Tran Ky.

It's called "La Therapie Biomagnetique" or Biomagnetic Therapy. Do you need some knowledge on mathematics to understand it? This isn't so simple, is it?

Dr. Tran Ky: Not necessary. Actually there are many anecdotes, and interesting analogies. I explain the broad lines so that we can get an idea of exactly what is quantum biophysics, which is actually the future of 21st century medicine.

Host: Well thank you so much for having come today. It's a pleasure to receive your stay here. Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.


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