The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 5


Marie: By training, I’m a nurse. Then I was working as a home helper for the elderly. It is a very difficult job because I have to carry the person on daily basis. It became very, very difficult for me.

So, before coming here, I was given analgesic as there isn’t much medication for osteoarthritis. Doctors tell you it’s a fair wear and tear which come with the passing of years.

It mostly affects cartilage. Cartilage is wearing out with age. I used to take analgesic especially trying to avoid aspirin. That would ease the pain. That’s all it could do without curing or helping solve the problem of osteoarthritis.

I have been taking analgesic for years, more or less frequently each day depending on pain and weather, often up to 6 doses a day. I was looking for ways to improve this problem and smooth down the spreading of osteoarthritis.

I found out about the existence of such treatment by husband who is suffering from irregular heart beat. The problem was so serious that one physician was willing to cure it with serious surgery.

Now the risk following such an intervention is to become very weak, extremely tired, having to sit down on armchair for all day long and be at the mercy of the machine. So my husband looked for other ways to bring back balance to his heart beat.

Then he came across Dr. Tran Ky who suggested he undergo Electro Magnetic Therapy.

After a few sessions, it was a success. His cardiac trouble faded away and he regained a normal cardiac rhythm. When I found out about the benefits and efficiency of this therapy, I asked whether it could also be applied to osteoarthritis. I witnessed some improvement after six or seven therapy sessions.

I noticed I could do with less analgesic. Little by little, it’s suppressed completely. I don’t take analgesic anymore. There are also a few moves that I can do again. I have in general, better and smoother moves without pain.

I can get up and stand straight without being stopped by pain at all. Since I am following this treatment, I feel less tired and feel more energetic in day to day life with more dynamism. It’s really, really fantastic. It’s really great.

The sessions are relaxing. We can feel a very minute vibration, very tiny, very tiny. And at the level of the belt around my waist, the sensation is very pleasant. It is very smooth, not hot and really nice. I almost regain my youthfulness.

Host: Dr. Tran Ky… Have you given her any money to make sure she says all that?

Dr. Tran Ky (smiling) : No... absolutely not. She is actually my nurse but not by profession. And she benefited a lot really, especially her husband.

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