The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 4


Host: Interesting! Isn't it? You already know the process so well. Looking at that, one can get a little scared. So many people said that high voltage lines are dangerous. And maybe by stimulating our cells so much, they could be a risk.

Dr. Tran Ky: Our machine generates much smaller magnetic waves, which are adapted to the body. It's calculated according to frequency compatible with our cells. There is no side effect, no pain, not even any sensation or risk of fever from hyperthermia. Nothing at all, absolutely.

Host: So can you make a difference between this method and what we can sometimes experience during physiotherapy sessions? Such as electro therapy, ultra sonar therapy or even ion therapy. All that goes through is electricity. We can feel some tickling. What is the difference between these?

Dr. Tran Ky: Actually these techniques are not new you know. They derived from inventions of great French scholars, Piere Curi, which started from piezzo electricity making crystals vibrating and producing ultra sound as well as magnetic fields. They were all French inventors but France sadly made nothing of it.

Host: That's what I'm going to ask you. In Japan, this technique is recognized and used. Why not in France? Why not here?

Dr. Tran Ky: Well, it's the French genius you know. There were many inventions that never been exploited. French people tend to invent things and then just loose total interest. These waves though are not being used for the time being.

Host: At least in therapy, because when we do MRI, we use these waves.

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, yes. When we use MRI, we do that to make images, to take pictures of the brain but not here, not in this instance. Here, there are pulses.

It's about the same as those used in MRI but pulsed according to a certain rhythm which creates waves. They correspond rather to the waves of our cells and cells' enzymes.

When two waves meet at the same rhythm, they tend to amplify their movement. Thus, well worked out waves, when meeting, should enlarge the movement and force the cells and enzymes to work.

Host: To bring back the balance?

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely. We succeed in exciting the enzyme and cell. We create a so called oxido reaction which is an exchange of hydrogen and their electrons.

Host: Did you learn about this all under your microscope? Or there are studies done about this?

Dr. Tran Ky: Actually plenty, a lot of studies on this. All these studies were based on French invention. The machines are mostly produced in Taiwan. The patent is being purchased from Japan. Taiwan is usually able to manufacture much cheaper machines you know.

Host: I would like to come back to electro magnetic therapy. Magnetic waves are one thing. Electro therapy also uses electricity, electric flow. What's the difference?

Dr. Tran Ky: Electric flow can stimulate muscles. But firstly, it doesn't pulse. Secondly, there is a certain level beyond which it can electrocute you.

So it's obviously very dangerous to exceed this level. On the other hand, magnetic waves, magnetic fields, although 6000 times stronger than the terrestrial field, well, they imposed a certain working phase you see.

Host: Is there similarity with chrono biology?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes indeed. It's just more or less the same. It imposed a rhythm like an oscillator. Take a pendulum of a clock for example. If it becomes tired, doesn't work, with a slight touch you could make it work again.

That is the mechanism behind it. Here it's about waves, electro magnetic man made waves.

Host: What about the difference with ion therapy? I've attend some sessions. One put wet sponges on different part of the body and sends electrical current. The idea is to introduce molecules. Is that it?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, to ionize, to introduce positive and negative ions. But they are not pulsed you know. They are also weak. The body can absorb certain amount of ion but magnetic waves can penetrate the whole body. As I was saying, when we oscillate the skull for example, we can hear magnetic waves.

Host: Precisely, what could you hear there?

Dr. Tran Ky: Magnetic waves, flows of magnetic waves which come by, pulsing and force the cells, the arteries, the veins and even the lymph to work. Each nerve, neuron will transmit this command without having to go through receptor or the hormones. But directly, straight to the point without any diversion whatsoever.

Host: That means for magnetic waves, we're almost completely transparent?

Dr. Tran Ky: Well, there are no borders. If I switch on the machine we will be all absorbed by the magnetic waves. However, electro magnetic wave is nothing new.

Host: So now let's have a few words again with your patient after consultation. She's going to tell us about her experience. I forgot to mention earlier that her name is Marie Claire. She suffers from osteoarthritis. And you've been following her since September. Let's see.

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