The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 3


Patient: Hello doctor.

Dr. Tran Ky: Hello, how are you feeling today? Still suffering from pain?

Patient: Much less, much less.

Dr. Tran Ky: What about the pain on the neck?

Patient: Better, better.

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. And down here, what about the back?

Patient: Better, much better.

Dr. Tran Ky: Good, and your movements. How are they?

Patient: Much supple.

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. I'm glad to hear that. After treatment from Magnetic Therapy, do you feel any benefit?

Patient: Yes, definitely. I feel better.

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. So the treatment seems to be working.

Patients: Yes.

Dr. Tran Ky: What about during the night? Do you feel any pain?

Patient: No. Not anymore.

Magnetic Therapy session

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. Well, let's check your reflexes. Here... here... good... Do you suffer from arthritis anymore?

Patient: No. No.

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. Well, that's good. What about the pain here.

Patient: Oh, yes here. A bit here.

Dr. Tran Ky: A little bit more painful here...

Patient: Uh-huh.

Dr. Tran Ky: When you are walking and climbing the stairs, is it hurting?

Patient: No. Not at all.

Magnetic Therapy belt

Dr. Tran Ky: Good. Well let's now start some Magnetic Therapy treatment as usual. I'll give you the belt and you're going to put in on very tightly indeed.

Make sure it's secure. As if you're on a plane, going for a take off.

Err... take off your shoes. Okay... put your feet on the Magnetic Therapy device. And I'm going to check the intensity of the machine in just a minute. Okay... here we go, let's get started.

Alright then, after thirty minutes, the benefit of those waves is that they stimulate the bones and cartilage cells. And they force upon a new working phase. You know because they get so tired, I mean really, really tired. And they become very lazy. And not just in working order, that's all.

So thanks to the additional positive and negative floods, the batteries get really recharged in a big, big way you know.

Magnetic Therapy foot

Okay, now I'm going to check the sound in your feet. I can hear the electromagnetic waves passing through your feet.

As we move on that up to your legs, and on to your arms. In fact, all over your body, up to your heart right now.

One can hear it spreading to the rest of your body. Now we're going to move up to your skull. You can hear it all over the body.

Okay! Now it's finished. That's thirty minutes up. The machine stops. Now you can put your feet on the ground. That's it. Let me just help you. Now we take off the belt...

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