The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 2


Host: You're presently trying to make a demonstration but I've read that in ancient Greece, certain magnets could, err… could really do it.

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, Magnesia. Indeed, the goddess of magnets, from the word magnesium. They used to look for magnet ferrites which have magnetic power.

Host: Ah… I see. And after that, there was Galland.

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, Galland tried to use magnets to cure gastric trouble such as constipation.

Host: Were they using magnets?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, magnet, natural one of course. But now we don't use natural magnet anymore because they're too weak. There is actually a natural magnet we all know. In fact, we live on it. It's the globe. But it's too weak for us.

So we use artificial magnet which can stimulate globe and thus creating an extremely powerful magnetic field 5000 or 6000 times stronger than the Earth's.

Host: Well, let's conclude the historical part. The one that have brought to life Magnetic Therapy was someone called Mesmer, isn't it?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, Dr. Mesmer, trained in Viennese school. Knowing actually little about it, he used it at his free will in a rather fantasies way. Yet he cured many peoples. He actually had hypnotic power more than magnetic power. He was among one of the most famous.

Host: During the year 1940 to 1945, that's not too far back, Russians were already using Magnetic Therapy. They were trying to ease pain to what is know as "ghost limbs", a suffering injury for people who has lose their arm, leg or limb.

I've even heard that they're trying to make the limb grew again through Magnetic Therapy.

Dr. Tran Ky: That's very true, absolutely indeed. What they're trying to do was to ease the suffering linked to "ghost limbs". But actually they didn't have machine powerful enough. These periods, magnets weren't really strong enough compared to the magnets we use nowadays.

Host: I've read that salamander whose tail has been cut off and is submitted to strong magnetic waves can see its tail grow again.

Dr. Tran Ky: This is actually very speculative because a reptile whose tail is cut will just grow another one. And many kids know very well that if they grab a lizard and cut its tail off, the animal is able to develop another but of course much shorter.

Host: Oh yes. Sometimes it's hard to sort out between what is scientific and what is some kind of fantasies for kids.

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely.

Host: In nature, are we more or less receptive to magnetic fields?

Dr. Tran Ky: We are indeed more of less receptive. Now we know there are receptors in the brain which are more or less sensitive to those fields.

Everyone has different sensitive receptors such as light photo receptor and as you know, light is a photo electromagnetic energy.

Host: Well, is it these very receptors that make us more or less sensitive to the weather, to a storm or thunder, is that? I've also read that woman tends to be more sensitive to man.

Dr. Tran Ky: Well, it's indeed often the case when we are endowed with more receptors as far as light and magnetic waves are concerned, especially when a storm is brewing up.

Host: I see. Well, animal seems to be very receptive to those magnetic fields. The migration of some sea mammals could also be linked to these fields. What do you think?

Dr. Tran Ky: That's it. Actually mammals, birds and even butterfly and bees too, etc and many other animals in fact, are extremely receptive to electromagnetic waves.

Host: The two places where the Earth is most polarized are the north and south poles, isn't it?

Dr. Tran Ky: That's true. However these two poles haven't always be where they are at present. During this geological era, they have moved. In fact, they have come closer to the Equator right now.

Host: On the magnetic level, you mean?

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely, they turn at a given speed. It depends actually on the nuclear at the center of Earth which turns at a certain speed.

Even now they shifted away from the center by about 15 degrees. We know our satellites watch them closely and measure them. So we live in an electromagnetic world. It's all about waves.

Host: Well I think what we should do now is to see how this all works during a consultation with you.

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