The amazing Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy

Interview with Dr. Tran Ky by France Canal Satellite - Part 1


Host: Hello! Welcome to New Medicine. Today we're going to tackle a new subject titled Magnetic Therapy and even pulsed Magnetic Therapy. So, we are trying to understand how it works and what it's all about. For that, I'm accompanied by a specialist, Dr. Tran Ky. Good morning!

Dr. Tran Ky: Good morning.

Host: I'm glad to welcome you here. Your background is very special, head of neurology department at Wan de Clerqs in Paris and teacher at Lans University of Medicine, with a very traditional career path. Being a general practitioner and since a little while, the head of anti-pain center.

But over the years, you have developed interest for Magnetic Therapy. Can you explain this to me? What precisely is Magnetic Therapy? Am I polarized? Are they negative and positive sides within me? Here? Right here, sitting here?

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely. In fact, we're all polarized, believe it or not, because in the universe, each human being, each cell and organ needs lots of energy in wide range of forms.

These energies whether mechanical, thermal, electrical or in fact ionic, are all produced by electromagnetic fields. In our body, each atom, cell, molecule and enzyme is just like a magnet.

Host: So we're immersed in magnetic field?

Dr. Tran Ky: Absolutely we are. We're bathed in magnetic fields. Electromagnetic field that is.

Host: Can you prove it all? Can one measure our polarity?

Dr. Tran Ky: Yes, absolutely. In fact, we spent a long time searching for ways to measure this polarity because the source of electromagnetic energy is extremely weak. In fact, it's a hundred billion times weaker than the magnetic waves emitted by the globe.

Host: So it's very, very weak. If it's so weak, it might not be interesting at all.

Dr. Tran Ky: Precisely. In fact, we now created artificial magnetic field. Not natural, but man made which are up to 6000 times more powerful than the Earth. So we can obtain pulses in order to recharge our body with the energy it is lacking.

Indeed, what is an old cell? It is a weak cell, tired cell. A cell normally has a cloud of electrons turning around it at different phase of energy. But as time passes, the more it works, it slowly losses those level of energy.

An old cell, well, it's a tired cell. And thus, it's not dynamic anymore unlike a child's balloon which when it's fully blown up, can bounce. A tired cell is slightly flat and dried up.

Each cell needs 3 different flows of energy; positive from proton, negative from electron and a lot of fuel from phosphor, ATP, etc. So as there is no organ in the body is able to create these particular flows, Nature has made it in such a way that each cell is able to produce it individually.

Consequently, in each cell, there are tens of thousands of small microscopic reactors called mitochondrion, a word in Greek which means particle of dust. Due to the fact the pioneer biologist looking through the microscope, could only see dust that is micro power stations.

Host: What I would like to say before we touch the core of this subject is that often we receive people who could sometimes be categorized as eccentric who can't prove their saying. Whereas you, it is the opposite. You are in the medicine of the third millennium.

Dr. Tran Ky: Well, medicine of bio-physics is based on quantum equation which can be calculated by accurate mathematic laws. One can say how much an organ can absorb from atom, cells or water, etc. That we can easily calculate.

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