Enjoy massage therapy but avoid stroke


Saya, a renowned Taiwanese, met a car accident that injured her cervical vertebrae. Her family members then tried to heal her injury by massage therapy but it made her condition worse. During Saya's old age, her neck suddenly could not move and she felt very painful. Saya quickly went to see doctor as she feared getting stroke.

The old accident injury that hurt her vertebrae and nervous system coupled with worsening condition due to massage alarmed her to see the doctor indeed. Saya's experience reminds us that even massage is enjoyable for ordinary person, it may cause injury to your physique.


Don't challenge your neck and nerves

Brain stroke and nerve injury expert says that few years of clinical experiments show that your neck is the most dangerous part of your body. Common carotid arteries and vertebral arteries supply blood to the brain through neck. If one of the nerves gets blocked, stroke and even paralysis and death may occur.

Neck is not like other parts of your body such as the back, thigh and buttock. It will get injured easily especially for women who have more intricate neck muscle. For those suffering from cervical vertebrae injury, they must avoid neck massage.

A nervous system professor advised readers to protect their necks and avoid twisting it too much. He advised not to let others touch your neck too. He has observed too many stroke patients and realized that the neck area is indeed very weak.


Enjoy massage therapy but don't take the risk

When nerves are weakened, over lying down will lead to stroke. So massage can make the condition worse.

An American anesthesia expert suffered from stroke after he twisted his neck during a swimming session. Stroke also often occurs to truck drivers who turned their head back to look at traffic condition behind their truck.

Once, one young lady suffered from severe brain stroke after lying down too long on a hair saloon chair.


Nobody knows about high risks

Presently medical experts still cannot explain the reason of weak nerves. Even the young ones can suffer from it. The year 2000 Canadian Medical Journal advised masseur not to massage patient's neck. The reason? Researches reveal that almost one third of all stroke patients in Canada is due to massage therapy around neck area.

Massage therapy is indeed a way to release tension. However, consult doctor first before neck massage for the following condition:

  • woman during pregnancy
  • suffering from illnesses like cancer
  • having external injury
  • and osteoporosis

Remember to tell the masseur your health condition before the massage begins. In other word, when you want to enjoy massage, you must avoid the risk too.

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