Are you injuring yourself with massage therapy?


Massage therapy is such a pleasure experience. Swedish research shows that hand massage can stimulate oxytocin secretion. This hormone helps to reduce pressure, eliminate fear and reduce pain.

However, did you know many people injured their body with massage? Remember these precautions before going for massage therapy.


Who's your masseur?

A doctor said one of his patients suffered from vertebra fracture. Actually, a masseur accidentally injured his back bone during a massage therapy!

Usually the lumbar vertebra complaint is also accompanied with osteoporosis. Once we met a patient who had been wrongly massaged. Later, he suffered from paralysis.

From these cases, you know you must be careful in choosing the right masseur. Apart from that, those with cardiovascular diseases must be careful as massage may cause stroke.


Proper Pressure

"It's not that if you feel more pain, it's more effective", said Juan Wen Ren, President of Taiwan Physiotherapists Association.

Mr Juan reminded that massage chair sold in the market must be cautiously used. For example, long term usage of massage chair may cause hardening of blood vessels in diabetes patient.

Dr. Xie Lu Lan from Xinguang Hospital in Taiwan said that some people are not suitable to use massage chair. Examples are people with

  • soft skin
  • diabetes
  • hardening of blood vessels

If they use massage chair for more than 30 minutes, internal bleeding may even occur.


Massage Precautions

Remember the following massage precautions before you go for massage.

Special body part:

  • Neck: Avoid massaging front neck
  • Stomach: Over pressure may cause gastrointestinal function disorder

Special time:

  • Pregnancy period: Over stimulating may cause shrinking of uterus that affects the baby or even cause miscarriage
  • Menses period: Some accupoints will cause shrinkage of uterus that affects internal bleeding.
  • After surgery: Those who are weak must avoid massage. Avoid infection in the scar.

Special disease: Avoid massage if you have

  • Osteoporosis
  • Serious tumor
  • Serious mental disease
  • Acute inflammation
  • Skin ulceration
  • Cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and high blood pressure

Special condition: Do not massage

  • within half an hour after meal
  • when you're drunk due to alcohol drinking (Easily vomit)
  • when you're too hungry or tired

Appropriate massage makes you feel great. However the wonderful feeling only lasts for one to two days. So think twice before you buy a massage chair.


A better alternative

Magnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy chair is a better alternative to massage chair. It's suitable for special health conditions mentioned above. Even elderly people find this Magnetic Therapy relaxing.

On the outside, you'll feel gentle and soothing vibrations. On the inside, the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave penetrates into your body to:

  • Improve blood circulation
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Energize your body and enhance immune system


Case Study

"I have a massage chair at home and I've been using it for more than a year. But when I used the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy chair for a few days, I realize I can sleep better with more energy in day time. This therapy really helps me to relax."

Mr Ong


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