What is Magnetic Ultra Long Wave?


Besides producing heat and light, the Sun also transmits some type of Magnetic Ultra Long Wave. After being shined by the Sun for billions of years, Earth is also able to emit Earth magnetic wave.

Both of these magnetic waves are natural waves with extreme wave length of a few thousand times longer than ordinary long wave. Therefore, we call it Magnetic Ultra Long Wave.

As with air, sunlight and water, these magnetic waves support all living things on Earth. Not only it safeguards our life, it also prospers and flourishes the world and everything on it. Without it, no living thing can exist. However, these natural waves are thin and weak.


Thin magnetic waves have less health benefits

Dr Fujiyama, a Japanese engineer, found that thickening these magnetic waves a few thousand times produces unexpected healing effects on human being.

Therefore, after years of research, he invented a magnetic therapy device that can emit thicker Magnetic Ultra Long Wave with wave number 50 and 6,000,000 meters wave length.

The wave frequency ranges from 5 to 8 Hz, which is similar to our brain's frequency. After repeatedly testing this device on human, he discovered it can:

    • activate cells and organs
    • enhance blood cells vitality
    • balance hormone secretion
    • regulate nervous system

Prof. Ohuchi Wataru from Medical Colleage of Taiwan University further enhanced these researches. Finally, this resulted in Magnetic Ultra Long Wave therapy device which is quite different from other therapies.


Different from ordinary electric current

Electro therapy uses direct current for treatment. This includes low frequency pulse electro therapy, high frequency therapy, air-ion therapy and ultrahigh frequency electro therapy.

Generally, ordinary current can only flow across the surface of objects. However, Magnetic Ultra Long Wave can penetrate deep into muscles, adipose tissues and bone marrow. Therefore, it heals from inside to uproot the actual cause of illness.


Different from conventional Magnetic Therapy

Conventional Magnetic Therapy uses static magnetic field. However, Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy uses pulsed electromagnetic wave. This produces added benefits of vibrating blood cells and recharging body cells.

Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy will not cause uneasiness such as pain or shock. Instead it gives you warm soothing vibration without any side effects at all.


Different from Massage Chair

Many people confused this Electromagnetic Chair with massage chair. Although both look quite the same, they have totally different functions.

Massage chair works only on body surface. It uses motorized roller to massage your muscle. It presses, squeezes and punches your body. It may relax muscle stiffness. But you only get temporary relief. And in certain cases, massage chair can make your condition even worse.

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The Silent Doctor

A better alternative is to use the Magnetic Ultra Long Wave Therapy. It gives you various unexpected health benefits not found in other therapies.

This therapy even caught the attention of a French neurologist, Dr Tran Ky. Together with his colleagues, he examined its healing effect from scientific point of view. Following this, they wrote a book explaning its healing benefits for common health problems.

Dr Tran Ky often recommends Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy to his patients suffering from body pain. He was then interviewed by French television on this special therapy.

If you haven't visited my alternative health center using Magnetic Therapy, welcome in! Remember to take off your shoes.


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