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Study of efficacy and safety of Electro Magnetic Therapy device in chronic pain treatment

In Thailand, Ramathibodi Hospital and Mahidol University studied the efficacy of Magnetic Ultra Long Wave in treating chronic pain. They gathered 60 patients with various body pains for a double-blind study.

They found that this therapy effectiveness in improving chronic pain is higher than 90%. The following are the extracts from the study report:


The experimental Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy research at radiation section of Showa medical college to prevent X-ray damage

At Showa Medical College, Prof. Masami Kiga and his staff members made a Magnetic Therapy research to prevent damage done by X-ray. Their result was the best among other tests. It was reported in "Mainichi" daily newspaper, with the biggest group of readers in Japan.

The experiment was done by dividing some 20 days old mice into several groups and examining them from many angles for 2 years. When 600 - 700 R (Roentgen) X-ray was shot, all the mice died without any exception.

But it was proved that 30-40% would survive if the ULW Magnetic Therapy was given for 15 minutes right before or after the experiment.

The result of this ULW Magnetic Therapy research must be quite epoch making. This experiment was reported so highly by the Radioactivity Society that it was reported widely by top class newspapers.

This result not only brought from the success upon the experiment done with mice but also brought forth the light into the range of prevention and remedy of X-ray damage.

We cannot overlook the fact that at present, further research has enabled it to be used in clinical therapy in some well-known hospitals for leukemia, gastro-enteric and liver disturbances.

Accordingly, it is now undoubtedly believed that ULW Magnetic Therapy should take the big role in remedy of disturbances by X ray, with further clinical research on the matter.


Clinical Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy Research done at Radiation Section of Medical Department, Gumma University

Dr. Yoshio Ando, lecturer of the radiation section, Medical Department, Gumma University, had Magnetic Therapy research done on patients suffering from stomach catarrh, stomach atony, gastroposis and gastric ulcer by emitting magnetic ultra long wave.

It was used for patients of stomach catarrh and stomach atony for twenty minutes each time between meals, twice a day. It could give them cure in 10-14 days. The patients of stomach atony showed apparent recovery in 3 weeks to 1 month.

With patients of gastric ulcer, almost the same remedy was done and in a month’s treatment, 80% of them showed successful recovery on the wounded surface.

120 patients were tested. 80 of them were cured completely and 23 were almost cured and 17 were on the course of recovery. It was recognized without doubt that it increased the effect of chemical medicine when used together.

This means that for patient that receives ULW Magnetic Therapy together with chemical medicine, outstanding recovery was recognized. According to this survey, Dr. Ando reasons the cause of this to be the promotion of enzyme action within human system.


Magnetic therapy research on high blood pressure and autonomic nervous system stabilization by doctors in Japan

Yoshisaburo Narumiya, M.D., Narumiya Medical Clinic and Tadashi Tanaka, M.D., Laboratory Hospital of the Institute of Infections Diseases, University of Tokyo, had completed clinical research on patients with high blood pressure and other diseases caused by abnormality of autonomic nervous system, in 1963.

Details and results were reported at the 5th Meeting of the Japanese Society of good conductivity, Tokyo in November 17, 1963.


Clinical Magnetic therapy research on rheumatism by doctors from Institute of Rheumatologia of Rome University, Italy

Prof. D. Gigante and his assistants had completed clinical research on patients suffering from various rheumatism in 1996 and reported the result in "Recentia Medica" issue on April, 1966.

It is a notable fact that the report says, "During the experiment, no side effect occurred at all and no harmful intolerance reaction appeared."

In clinical aspect, the longest wave produced in Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy showed the most excellent anti inflammatory effect leading to subsidence of pain symptoms.


Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy research on sports traumatology by doctors from Institute of Medicina dello Sport in Rome, Italy

Prof A. Venerando, Commissioner of C.O.N.I. - "Instituto Di Medicina Dello Sport", had completed Magnetic Therapy research on patients suffering from various Traumatism caused by sport playing such as arthritis, artharalgia pains in musculature and recovery from heavy fatigue.

The result details were reported in "Gazzetta Internazionale di Medicina e Chirurgia", issue in May, 1996 by Edizioni Mediche e Scientifiche, Rome, Italy.

The summary of this Magnetic Therapy research: The Authors have experimented 86 cases of acute and chronic articular, musclo-tendineal and enthesopathical lesions seen in athletes, with Magnetic Therapy at low frequency.

After having mentioned the reasons that justify ultra long wave magnetic therapy in such acute and chronic pathological forms, the authors, on the bases of their results, consider therapeutic effect is obtained.


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