What TV and newspaper report on Magnetic Therapy


The increasing popularity of Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy received a lot of attention from the media. Television stations and newspapers in different countries reported about its amazing healing effects as follows.


Attention from France media

The use of Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy catched the attention of Dr. Tran Ky from France. Together with his colleagues, he studied this therapy through scientific methods and wrote a book on it.

Later, France television, Canal Satellite invited Dr. Tran Ky for an interview on this amazing therapy.

Below is the broadcasted program translation.


Attention from Singapore media

Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy also attracted media from Singapore.

Local television Channel-8 and Channel-U interviewed the founder, Prof. Lee on how this therapy improves our health.

Click here for the interview on Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy


Singapore Report

Attention from newspapers

Newspapers and magazines in several countries also reported on the amazing healing effects of this electromagnetic therapy.

Besides are images from newspaper in Singapore, Malaysia and Japan.

Following are some of the translated newspaper report:


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