Effectiveness of Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy on cancer

China Press Wei Sheng, Reporter: Wu Sheng Yuan


Since 40 years ago, doctors and medical experts have concentrated their efforts in search for cancer cure.

Yet, even today, cancer remains an unsolved mysterious disease. Some say the reason for this failure to find a cure is because we have been knocking at the wrong door. What doctors are capable of doing is merely eliminate the cancerous cells and try to prevent them from spreading to healthy cells.

The underlining understanding on cancer is that cancerous cells are caused by viruses or harmful bacteria. If this is correct, then the only ways of curing is by the use of medicine or drugs, laser treatment or the jab of quality proteins into the body to create a strong immune system to fight cancer.

The truth is however, this whole concept may be wrong. In fact, the input of protein will actually deteriorate the patient's condition.


The correct treatment and understanding of cancer

According to the research and findings of Mr Ching Chi Ming, a teacher, every part in the body is susceptible to cancer, except the heart. We have not heard of heart cancer before, have we?

The answer is no and from it we can find a basic understanding of cancer, which is, cancer has a certain relationship with the heart. The heart is the center of the blood circulation system. It is a high pressured blood pump.

Blood consists of erythrocyte, leukocyte, platelet and others. After analyzing the report on cancer patients, there are certain characteristics in them:

  • No apparent reduction of platelet in the blood
  • No apparent reduction of leukocyte in the blood (except leukemia)
  • High presence of erythrocyte, increasing as the patient's condition deteriorate further, usually at the levels of 4DL and above, sometimes up to 5.6DL and above.

From here, one can conclude no relationships exist between cancer and leukocyte or platelet, except for erythrocyte. Hemoglobin in erythrocyte is the carrier of oxygen to other parts of cells in the body. The density of erythrocyte causes the blood circulation to clog, causing a lack of oxygen in the body.

From a biological point, we know that cells are divided into either meiosis or mitosis. The cell replicates itself, forming a special organization in the body. Where a certain cluster of cells does not tally with the rest of the system, we call it a cancerous cluster of cells.

The question remains, why does a cluster not conform to the main system when it itself has been replicated from the main system?


Oxygen and cancer connection

On the whole, each function of the body in dependent on the oxygen supplied. Where there is a lack of oxygen for the body to function properly, the cells will become unstable. According to the theory of evolution by Darwin, all organisms are based on the concept known as natural selection.

In such a situation, cells that lack oxygen will try to accommodate through a biological, physiological and internal transformation, which will "evolve" as a new species of cells. We call this species of cells as cancerous cells. This is Mr Cheong's hypothesis on the formation of cancer.

If we consider it carefully, we will discover that the theory holds a considerable weight. So cancer is caused by blockage in the blood circulation. As such the solution of treating against viruses and bacteria is not a wise one.

The better solution is to ensure all cells receive adequate oxygen so as to prevent the mutation of cells.


The effectiveness of Ultra long wave Magnetic therapy towards cancer

Now that we know cancer originates from the blood, the solution must lie at treating the blood composition. But how can one restore the flow of the blood circulation without leaving behind unnecessary side effects?

Blood transfusion is a tiring and costly process. Medication does not seem to leave any effect.

Mr Cheong has found a cure in a martial arts discipline called "Qi Gong". But not everyone is able to master "Qi Gong". What then is the solution?

Professor Chong San Pei and Chinese physician, Chong Yong from Veterans General Hospital discovered that the art of "Chi Gong" is a from of biological field control of living organisms. Its characteristics are somewhat similar to that of magnetic fields.

When Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy is being applied to the body, it will stimulate the erythrocytes in the blood hemoglobin to flow more effortlessly and remove any blockage in the blood vessels. As a result, the density of components in the blood will be back to normal.


In a nutshell

Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy performs four main functions:

  • Enhances blood circulation
  • Increases hormone and enzyme excretion
  • Stabilizes hormone and enzyme excretion
  • Activates the cells

From the above explanation and illustrations, we conclude that Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy can maintain the optimum state for blood circulation, reduce the risk of cell transformation or mutation, activates cells to enable a higher metabolism rate and stabilizes the replication of cells.

As such, it can be said that Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy treatment is one of the most effective choice to fight cancer.


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