LH-2B portable magnetic therapy


The LH-2B portable Magnetic Ultra Long Wave therapy device consists of a foot and belt units together with a control box. It also comes with 4 different testers for magnetic wave test. User manual in English or Chinese is included.

Depending on your country voltage, you can choose to have it in 110V or 240V.


LH-2B box
Original LH-2B packing


LH-2B briefcase
LH-2B briefcase in plastic cover


LH-2B content
LH-2B content


LH-2B unbox
LH-2B unbox

For international shipping, you can save 30% to 50% shipping fee by using Fedex 10kg value box. With this Fedex box, the briefcase has to be left out since it cannot fit in. Here is what it looks like.


LH-2B packing
LH-2B in Fedex 10kg box. Cardboard will be placed on top to keep all units in place during shipping.


LH-2B final packing
LH-2B ready to be shipped to you


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