How Heat Therapy treats tumor

Extracted from Taiwan Lianhe Bao newspaper - 18th March 2003
Author: Li WeiZhe


Human has recognized the benefits of heat therapy since ancient past. A legend mentions about Hippocrates of Greek using heat to treat tumor. He once said, "The disease which cannot be cured with iron can be cured with fire. The disease fire cannot cure is incurable."

In fact, we can trace history of heat therapy back to 5000 years ago. A recorded history wrote about Edwin Smith of Egypt who used this therapy to treat mammary gland tumor. The German physician Busch in 1886 reported that face tumor of children can be treated with heat. In 1967, people discovered heat had excellent effect in treating tissue tumors.

After the 60s heat therapy and pathological medicines have advanced further. There were more concrete theoretical foundations on this therapy to overcome malignant tumor.

We use heat therapy equipment to provide whole body hyperthermia (WBH) for patients. This has become an important supplementary tumor treatment to improve patient's condition. The theory behind this treatment includes:

Strengthen radio therapy and chemo therapy effect on tumor
This therapy raised the temperature causing heat to enter blood tissues in tumor. This help to:

  • promote blood circulation
  • increase the intensity of chemo therapy effects on tumor tissues
  • strengthen the sensitivity of cancer cells towards chemo therapy medicines

Thus, it can reduce lack of oxygen problem in tumor cell as well as enhance the effect of chemo therapy and radio therapy.


Suppress tumor blood formation

Secretion of VEGF in tumor will stimulate growth of tumor cells. Medical reports show that whole body heat therapy for 2 to 3 weeks causes VEGF concentration in patient's blood to drop drastically and back to almost normal level. Hence, it can help to suppress tumor.


Stimulate immune system functions

The occurrence of tumor is due to immunity disorder. This therapy can promote and enhance body immune system, increase activeness of T-cells and promote anti-tumor activities.


Protect the bones

Experiments show that whole body heat therapy can promote blood producing capability in bone marrow and protects the bones from side effects of chemo therapy and radio therapy.


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