The hidden power of Electromagnetic therapy


The Electromagnetic Therapy generates electromagnetic waves that can penetrate glass, rubber, wood and ceramic very easily. Consequently, it penetrates deep inside your body. The effects of Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy are as follow:


Effects on blood circulation

Late Dr. Ko Ohuchi, Head of Academic Liaison Section of Welfare Ministry, and his stuff members did the research of Electro magnetic Therapy on blood for many years. They mainly did experiments on animal such as rabbits.

Their research proved that Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy remarkably increases the number of new sound blood corpuscles. Moreover, the ratio between red blood corpuscle and white blood corpuscle was not at all broken.

The inactive and decayed blood corpuscles were automatically adjusted. The fresh and vital blood was constantly stored in our vine.

Electromagnetic Therapy also promotes breathing action through skin a hundreds times better. It proved to be an effective prevention and cure for diseases concerning blood circulation.

According to clinical study, high blood pressure comes down by 20-30mmHg in average by using it for one week. Many clinical examples have been reported concerning improvement for critical condition of arterial sclerosis and prevention of cerebral hemorrhage.


Action of Joule's Heat

Magnetic wave produces local currency that pours over the human system, making electro magnetic shower in semicircle shape. The electron is in the state of liquidation which is indistinguishable.

This electron crashes against another electron which forms the cells in human system. Consequently, it generates electron crashing heat.

This is the Joule's heat and it acts very effectively to improve inflammation. It also reduces the pains of bronchitis and joint inflammation.


Adjustment of hormone secreting function

The function of internal hormone secretion is effectively adjusted by the joint effect of internal Joule's heat. The circulation of blood is done very rapidly against this heat. Capillary vessels which spread like a net around hormone secretion tubes expand twice larger.

By concentrating oxygen, they gradually supply hormone secretion into tubes. Meanwhile, the hormone secretion tubes get warm properly and its function becomes active by the supply of increased oxygen.

If we stop the emission of electromagnetic therapy waves, the capillary vessels shrink rapidly. This breaks the pressure between vessels of hormone secretion organ. Hormone is then led into the vessels through the mucous membrane of the cells. This is the well known saturation action.

The chemical medicine consumed into the body can only show temporary effect. However the secretion organ itself begins to show vital action by the use of this therapy. Consequently, for diseases caused by hormone imbalance, the habitual use of Magnetic Therapy gives a promising result.


Reformation and revival power of cells

Alternative electromagnetic therapy produces the interesting feature of reformation and resuscitation of cells.

This is self evident in view of the power of solar electromagnetic waves which promote the creation and growth of living things. The Magnetic Ultra Long Wave device is especially designed to produce artificial electro magnetic wave in the most effective way.

An incised wound of a pig begins to heal immediately and is closed in a few days. A twenty day pup, given emission of electromagnetic waves 30 minutes a day, grows rapidly twice faster than other pups without emission.

When a nerve of a rabbit is cut, several months are usually required for its complete cure without any treatment. But Electromagnetic Therapy enables it to connect the cut in two weeks. As to silkworms, the therapy contributes to yield for equal sized cocoons. There are many other good examples of experiments applied to animals.

Parallel to above experiments, Electromagnetic Therapy brought remarkable curative effects on human body. An incised wound healed up promptly. The recovery from several diseases caused by disorders of nervous function, neuralgia, sexual disinclination, especially stomach atony and gastroptosis has been accelerated.

The cell metabolism for Electromagnetic Therapy users is done in a shorter time. Accordingly, their skin is always kept fresh. The fact that Magnetic Therapy is used widely by all ages or sex is entirely due to the active reformation and revival power of cells.


Acceleration of natural curative power

In the end, it can be said that human body itself cures any type of diseases. Even a prominent doctor or an excellent remedy remains in the limits of assistant role to the natural curative power everyone has. Electromagnetic Therapy helps to increase physical strength and activate this natural curative power. It shortens the healing duration.

The above mentioned functions of Electromagnetic Therapy do not operate independently but simultaneously. Accordingly, even in the case of chronic disease, healing works on its cause from all directions such as blood, nerve, hormone and cells.

Electromagnetic Therapy is adapted to disease extensively. Its effects are expected on the blood circulation system, digestive system, nervous system, urinary system and others. There are many reports and countless examples on its healing ability.

Not only Electromagnetic Therapy is free from side effects which are sometimes found in some medicines, it also has no habituation effect. Safety and certainty of treatment have made it a necessary health care device for everyone.


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