Electromagnetic therapy broadcast on Channel-U Singapore


Following is the interview with Professor Lee regarding the healing effects of this therapy. This program was broadcasted throughout Singapore and Southern Malaysia.

Host: Hello Professor Lee.

Prof. Lee: Hello.

Host: Can you introduce to us what is Ultra Long Wave Magnetic Therapy Chair?

Prof. Lee: Sure. Besides emitting light and heat, the Sun also emits Sun's magnetic wave. After being shinned for more than 40 million years, Earth too can produce Earth's magnetic wave.

These are natural waves that support all living things on Earth and help to maintain your health.

Later, scientists discovered that when this Magnetic Ultra Long Wave passes through human body, it produces secondary circular current that results in Joules Heat.

We know that heat can reduce inflammation and pain. Therefore, it helps to dramatically improve headache, nerve pain, backache, arthritis, woman's menses pain, etc.

When Magnetic Ultra Long Wave passes through your body, it vibrates your blood cells. Thus it improves circulation all over your body. Therefore, it helps to improve diseases caused by circulation problem.

Most importantly, when these natural magnetic waves pass through your cells and organs, it can recharge them. It turns weak cells with low energy level into stronger cells. So, it can enhance your immune system and improve disease associated with aging.

Host: It's interesting to learn about the amazing benefits of Magnetic Therapy to our health. Can we see the real Magnetic Ultra Long Wave chair?

Prof. Lee: Of course. Here it is.

Let me do the first test. This is the detector for Ultra Long Wave. When these magnetic waves pass through your body, the detector lights up.

Now, I'll do the second test. These are two small containers with metal ball. Let's assume the container as your blood vessel. The metal ball is like your blood cells. There are a lot of blood cells in your blood vessel.

You can see that when Ultra Long Wave passes through your body, it vibrates the blood cells. Therefore, it can improve your overall blood circulation. If you have cardiovascular problem, you can feel significant improvement in a much shorter time with this therapy.

Let me do the third test. This is a bulb with wire coil to represent your body cell. There is no battery and no external power connected. But you see that Ultra Long Wave Chair's charging function can let this bulb light up.

Therefore, it can increase the energy level in each cell. It helps to remove fatigue, increase body energy level and enhance immune system. Long term receiving this Magnetic Therapy let you maintain your youthfulness and health indeed.

Host: Looks like this simple chair has so much benefit to our health. Today, we have learnt how Earth's magnetic wave is applied to medical field. Thank you Professor Lee.


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