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Alternative Health Center

Do you always consult doctor at clinic for your health problems? Are you always on oral medication or injection? Well, you may seem to cure your sickness. But at the same time, you may do more harm to your other body organs.

Almost everyone believes and accepts conventional treatment without question. They take painkiller for body pain and antibiotic for inflammation. They believe that's the only cure for their sickness.


Opening this alternative health center surprised me

Many patients with all sort of health problems come here. They're looking for a hope which they can no longer find from conventional treatment.

Some stroke patients come in with walking stick. Some come in with hypertension, diabetes or body pain. And once, a guy came in using a wheel chair.

Of course, not all patients get well again. Some are skeptical. Some gave up this electromagnetic therapy half way. And some are too busy to continue their therapy. However...


Several successes are quite amazing

1. One 60-year-old plus man reduced his high blood pressure from 200 mmHg systolic to 140 mmHg systolic in less than 2 weeks. His systolic pressure was at 200 mmHg for more than one year. And he took 6 tablets of high blood pressure pills everyday before receiving this electromagnetic therapy.

This was a rare case. And I don't think other hypertension patient can easily have such a fast improvement. Anyway with this man, I saw it myself.

2. One 70-year-old plus man cured his itchy and swollen palm in about 15 electromagnetic therapy sessions. Before this, he would wake up at 3am to soak his hand in hot water for relief!

3. One 8-year-old boy complety cured his 2 years headache with less than 15 electromagnetic therapy sessions.


Of course, those are the fast improvements

Usually, many people felt significant health benefits after a few months of electromagnetic therapy. It requires a lot of determination, sacrifice and patience.

The following are some case studies of those who succeed in finding their "hope". It all happened in this alternative health center.

Mdm ChangMadam Chang was 79 years old when she first visited my health center 3 years ago. She's very kind and loving.

Due to aging, her leg was weak. She needed walking stick for support. Her foot was always pain due to high uric acid.

Every morning, her son brings her to sit on this Electromagnetic Therapy chair.

After 6 months, she no longer complained her foot pain. She also has more energy to walk. One day, she even forgot to take her walking stick!

She said it lets her blood circulates since she cannot do any exercise. Until today, she still sits on this electromagnetic chair every day.

Mr NarayananMr. Narayanan came to my alternative health center on Dec. 2003. He was diagnosed with 2 heart arteries blockage of 90% each.

He was afraid to undergo heart bypass surgery as advised by doctor. Two of his friends had died after the same surgery.

At first, he sat twice a day. And later, he sat 4 times a day. Dr. Lee prescribed him some Chinese herbs together with Ganoderma and Cordyceps herb.

Gradually, his chest pain stopped and he felt better. After 6 months, he stopped this therapy completely. Until now, he still hasn't done any surgery.

Mr HishamMr. Hisham had hypertension, high cholesterol (total of 9.0 mmol/l) and dizziness.

His wife is a nurse. And she always monitor his health condition. However, the dizziness and high cholesterol still didn't improve.

After receiving Electromagnetic Therapy together with taking Ganoderma herb and Egg Lecithin, he slowly improved after 3 months.

Cholesterol came down to 5.0 mmol/l (less than 5.2 mmol/l is normal). And dizziness has gone away.


Foot ulcerA 60-year-old lady came in with foot ulcer after a dog bite her. She had 20 years of diabetes.

Her wound wouldn't heal after 1 month being treated at a clinic.

So, her husband fetched her to my center to sit on electromagnetic therapy chair once every day.

After 3 months, her wound improved as shown at the bottom photo. After 1 more month, she completely healed her foot ulcer.

Later she told me she could sleep better after 2 months of this therapy.

Her blood sugar also reduced from 9-10 mmol/l to 7-8 mmol/l

A lady in late 30s had myoma uterus of 2 cm when she came. She experienced heavy menses with blood clots. She looked pale and was quite weak.

For the first 3 months, she came to my alternative health center and sat on this electromagnetic chair 3 to 4 times a week. However, she kept her condition secret. Actually, she had experienced some improvement at that time.

When Dr. Lee came, she went for his consultation. At first, Dr. Lee asked her menses condition. Then he asked, "Why didn't you look for gyne for such a long time?"

"You have myoma uterus", Dr. Lee said after taking her pulse reading using Traditional Chinese Medicine method.

Indeed, a uterus scan confirmed she had myoma of 2 cm. With this, she followed Dr. Lee's chinese herbs prescription together with Ganoderma and Cordyceps herb. She continued taking the electromagnetic therapy as usual with a portable foot-type device (LH-2B) applied to her uterus.

However, during her next period, she experienced heavier menses flow with more blood clots! She asked me about this and I told her it's only a temporary reaction. Indeed it was. For her second period, she saw a signficant decrease in blood clot.

Finally, for her third period after taking those herbs, her blood clot disappeared. Her menses was back to normal. Her dark colored menses turned to bright red color. She felt much better.

Another uterus scan confirmed her myoma had disappeared. The gyne doctor couldn't believe it and scanned her for 3 times! However, the 2 cm myoma was nowhere to be found.

Later I asked her, "Can I take your photo on this electromagnetic chair? I want to share your story with others." She quickly replied, "No way! I'm not very good-looking!"

So, there is no photo here.

Opps! I forgot to ask you one question. "Have you taken off your shoes when you came in?" :)

Well, if you have any question on how Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy can help you, click here to contact me

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