Why Magnetic Therapy is an effective alternative cancer therapy


Do you really need alternative cancer therapy? What are the risks of taking conventional cancer therapy alone?

Surgery, radio therapy and chemo therapy are the standard cancer treatment today. And every cancer patient must first seek qualified doctor for standard treatment before receiving other alternative cancer therapy.


Conventional treatment alone is not enough

Conventional therapy uses powerful radiation and drugs to kill cancer cells. In the process, it also kills your own friendly cells such as the immunity cells. This dramatically weakens your most important cancer defensive line.

If cancer cells are strong enough to survive those therapies, it will multiply back furiously without control from the weakened immune system. This is often fatal.

So how can we help conventional treatment to improve the survival rate for cancer?

By using Ultra Long Wave Electromagnetic Therapy together with western medication, we discovered a higher success rate for cancer healing. This is achieved not just by chance.


Healing principles for cancer

What are the principles of ULW Electromagnetic Therapy for alternative cancer therapy? Take breast cancer for example.

When a breast cancer patient applies Electromagnetic Therapy on her breast, the Electromagnetic Ultra Long Wave penetrates her breast into the cancerous area.

1. It produces Joules Heat to dilate (expand) cancer's blood vessels. This enables more chemo therapy drug to reach cancer area to destroy it.

2. When more chemo therapy drug reaches cancer area, less drug reaches normal cells. This reduces damage done to the surrounding healthy cells by those drugs. Therefore, Electromagnetic Therapy can lower the side effects of chemo therapy.

3. With expanded blood vessels, more oxygen can enter cancerous area. We know that cancer cells are hard to survive in oxygen-rich environment.

Increased oxygen supply can dramatically weaken the cancer cells. Some breathing techniques and exercises can also increase your oxygen intake.

4. When blood vessels are expanded, more immunity cells especially Natural Killer (NK) cells can enter affected area for biological war with those unwanted cells. NK cell is our own natural weapon against cancer. It helps to destroy cancer cells together with chemo therapy.

5. When a cancer patient is beginning her new session of chemo therapy, doctors will test her white blood cells (WBC) level. If her WBC level falls below the minimum quantity, doctor will have to postpone that chemo therapy session.

During this time, cancer cells will have a great opportunity to multiply back again. That's why receiving chemo therapy according to schedule is very important.

Conventional therapy damages bone marrow, causing red blood cells and white blood cells level to drop dramatically.

However, ULW Magnetic Therapy can protect bone marrow from harmful radio and chemo therapy. Therefore, this alternative cancer therapy helps to maintain WBC level so that patient can go through radio and chemo therapy smoothly.

6. Once cancer cells developed in the breast, it will spread to other organs.

If it spread downwards, liver cancer develops. Spreading inward causes lung cancer. Spreading to the side, it reaches lymph vessels. Through lymph network, cancer cells can spread to other area such as brain and bone.

To spread around the body, cancer cell needs to build new blood vessels. These vessels require an important compound called Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor, VEGF.

When cancer cells continuously produce VEGF, it builds more and more blood vessels. By moving through these vessels, it can spread itself as far as possible.

However, after a patient receives ULW Electromagnetic Therapy for 2 to 3 weeks, we discover the VEGF level in her blood reduced significantly.

Once cancer cell cannot produce more VEGF, it cannot build more blood vessels. Without this vessel network, cancer cell cannot spread easily. That means, by using this alternative cancer therapy, we've controlled cancer cell. We've prevented it from spreading further.


One method is not good enough

Receiving Electromagnetic Therapy alone may not be enough to fight cancer. A patient must also combine this therapy with high dosage of other anti-cancer herbs and supplements such as:

  • Ganoderma Lucidum
  • Cordyceps Sinensis
  • and Bee Propolis

They must also control their emotional health, take healthy diet and do regular healthy exercise like Tai Chi. Only with all these lifestyle changes, they can significantly improve cancer healing chances.

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